How to Set up a Printer in a Windows Workgroup

by Intoit

This tutorial will show you how to print from PCLinuxOS to a printer connected to a Windows computer on a home network. Make sure your printer is turned on.

On Windows

  • Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Printers and Faxes. Select your printer and right click on the icon. This will give you a pop-up window. Select "Sharing". Another window will pop up.
  • adSelect the Sharing tab. Select "Share this printer" and enter a share name. You will need this name later so write it down. Press OK
  • Go back to the Control Panel. Select -> System -> Computer Name. Write down the name of the Workgroup.
  • Next, we need the IP address of the Windows computer. Make sure you are plugged into your network. Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt. In the command prompt window type "ipconfig" and press Enter. You will see a line that reads something like this:
  • IP

  • Write this number down. Type "exit" to close the window.

On the Linux Computer

  • Open KDE Control Center and go to Peripherals -> Printers. Select -> Administration tab. When asked, enter your Root password
  • Select -> Add. The printer configuration window will appear. Press Next. Select -> SMB shared printer (Windows), then press Next.
  • Select "Normal account" and enter root as user. Press Next.
  • Enter the information gathered previously: workgroup name, IP address, printer share name. Press Next.
  • KDE will build the printer driver database. (This takes a little time, be patient.)
  • If your printer doesn't require special drivers, select your printer manufacturer and model. Press Next.
  • Select the Test button. If all went well, you should have a test page printing in a few seconds.
  • Press Next, Next, Next. The configuration windows can usually be left as the defaults, but you can set them to your personal preferences.
  • Give your printer a name. Press Next.

Check the summary of your configuration. Once you are satisfied, press Finish. Congratulations, you have a network printer configuration. Enjoy!