From the Desk of The Chief Editor

Welcome to PCLinuxOS magazine. We've included plenty of good stuff for you to enjoy. You've probably all met RaveDave on the main forum; he was a Linuxer before there was Linux. There's a bit of wry humor from Britbrian, and a how-to on setting up Lords of Destruction to run under Wine. For those worried that the current 0.92 and 0.93 repositories may "go away" after 0.94 is released, there is a great tutorial on creating your own local copy of the repositories. There is lots more.

Now for some news. Next month, we will have a treasure hunt for our readers. The prize will be announced in next month's issue in my editorial. This month, though, I thought we'd give you a preview. As you read the articles, notice that some graphics have a small yellow dot on them, with a red letter, number or punctuation mark inside the dot. These characters make up a "key" to unlock the treasure chest. Write them down and then organize them to make a word, words or phrase. Pay attention to capitalization; it's important. When next month's issue "hits the street" you'll need to be the very first one to correctly assemble the key and visit a special link I will publish in my editorial. If you are first, you win... well, I'll tell you what you win next month.

Why are we doing this? We're hoping while you are there entering your guess at the treasure key that you'll take the time to fill out our demographics survey. No personal information is collected there (except for the winner, who must provide us a contact email address). The data collected will help us here at PCLinuxOS Magazine do a better job providing you with what you want.

So check out this month's graphics and see if you can guess the preview key. I'll announce what it was on the main forum in the Magazine's section.

By Tim Robinson