From The Chief Editor's Desk

Here we are with the July 2007 issue already. PCLinuxOS 2007 has gone final and our forum has grown phenomenally in the last few weeks. Though there seem to still be a few rough edges, the response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. Tex and the Rippers are still busy as can be providing updated versions of applications for the repositories, and there is word of a "kitchen sink" DVD version, as well as a MiniMe version to be released soon.

Here at the PCLOS Magazine we've been busy, too. In this issue you'll note we continue our series of the KDE User's Guide. There are a number of interesting how-to articles, and our latest staff addition, Ms. Squishy has written an insightful article explaining what all those directories are that newcomers have trouble understanding. And we're rerunning Merlin's article on how to contribute. Everyone who uses PCLinuxOS can contribute something, whether it be money to Tex or an article for the magazine, help with one of the other projects (visit or as a packager/developer.

Happy reading. See you next month.


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