From the Chief Editor's Desk

Hello again everyone! I hope everyone is ready for another month of good reading. We have the next to the last chapter of the KDE User Guide, a list of keyboard shortcuts, and some tips on how to make your laptop run cooler.

We also have a new PDF layout team and their first collaborative creation is this months Magazine. I hope you all enjoy it. I would also like to apologize to anyone who took offense to last months article "Ubuntu's Hype is Misleading". No ill will was meant toward any of the distros mentioned in the article. For a further take on this subject please read the "Letters to the Editor" section.

Next month we will see the final installment of the KDE User Guide. We will also start bringing you slowly into using the CLI (Command Line Interface) with articles explaining what it is and what you can do with it. I would also like to hear from any of you that are interested in seeing a Gnome User Guide, or an Xfce User Guide, etc.

I would like to again invite everyone to our new site to join in on discussions at our forum or to read the current months Magazine. You will also find links to all the articles written by particular Authors (if you have a favorite.) You can find us at


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