From The Chief Editor's Desk

Welcome back everyone to our latest issue of PCLinuxOS Magazine. This month we have many more interesting articles for your perusal. We have one for all of us distro junkies who have ran out of room on their first (maybe only) harddrive and have decided to add a second one. Do you have to deal with those new Microsoft Office 2007 .docx files? We have a howto on setting up Open Office to read and write to them. We also have an explanation/howto on using that mysterious application called ndiswrapper.

You will also find a review of a very nice digital camera (Christmas present?) that "just works" with PcLinuxOS and an opinion piece on the Open Wifi debate. Still have not gotten a PCLOS case sticker for your tower or laptop? Now is the time to show your pride and get one, and help support Tex and the Gang in the process. We still need more submissions to the Hardware Database as every new one benefits the entire community by allowing them to search the database and see what hardware works and what does not.

Last but not least, I am calling out to the community to let us know what articles you would like to see in the upcoming issues and even better would be if you know a little trick for this or that, or have a favorite application, write something up and submit it to me at: and I will get it published.

I have kept you to long from enjoying the rest of this issue so Read On!!


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