Testimonial 1

Hello everybody.

I've been a pclos user for well over a year now and am just loving it. Making my first post because frankly, i haven't yet had the need to. I've always somehow managed to fix my errors with google and the help of this forum. Many hours of reading and playing. I just figure its time to thank everyone out there for providing the best distro for a windows refugee, and making it easy for the change. Tex, and all your developers, forum members, and everyone working in the background deserve a resounding "Thank You". Within the course of a year I've managed to convert my wife, two sons, 2 brothers and a few friends to PCLinux and they are all happy with the change, as am I. Can't thank you all enough, happy holidays to all. One other thing, it's time to make that pass donation as well.


Testimonial 2

I started out with Mandrake several years ago, but gave up on it because of hardware compatibility issues. Then a recent article in a PC World mag lead me to try Ubuntu. I was thrilled to find that Linux had progressed to the point that a novice like me could use it. Then, after several months with Ubuntu, I read about PCLOS on distrowatch. Ubuntu was great, but I've made the switch. I will be with PCLOS for a long time, I believe. Many thanks to all involved!


Testimonial 3

Even though I'm quite new in this community I would like to share with you some thoughts about PCLOS; I'll try to do it by telling you my story about becoming a PCLOS user...

So... After 8 long years of using Windows (lucky me: just 98SE and XP Pro SP2) as an average user on 5 or 6 different machines, at the end of November 2007 I felt an unexplained urge of switching to Linux...

Being a very methodical and logical person, I started surfing the net in search for the best suitable distro for a complete "innocent" like me... I found out quickly that they are hundreds of distros available, many of them being freeware and some of them not. I kind of got deceived by this because until then I was convinced that all the Linux distros are available free of charges... Ok, so I learned my first lesson!

Next I started filtering the long list of opportunities mainly by the live-CD criteria; then I downloaded 5 or 6 iso-s and burned them to cd-s or dvd-s. I'm speaking here about distros like Fedora core, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Kiwi, etc. but not PCLOS yet! I tried every single one of them hoping to understand a minimum amount of knowledge about how they work. I simply just couldn't! Besides, without any exception, I could not even make any of them connect to the Internet...

But I am also a very persevering person so I returned to the Net and read hundreds of forum pages about everyone of them... Until one late night when I read a very praising post about PCLOS being the real solution (I think it was from an Ubuntu forum)... First thing next morning was to download the 2007 live-cd; I restarted my laptop and... Could not believe my eyes: all my hardware was recognized and above all I was connected to the Internet!!! From that very moment I stopped searching for anything else.

Being not sure about resizing my XP partition I purchased an external hdd and I installed PCLOS. A real piece of cake, a genuine child play... In less than 20 minutes it was done!

The only problem I encountered was generated by my Windows-lining ISP Angry who assigns different IP-s for the Linux clients and for the Windows clients; every switch between these OS-s made my cable modem dizzy and had to restart it... I solved the problem by simply purchasing a router! Wink

About PCLOS what can I say that wasn't already been said on this forum?! It's strong, it's steady, it's friendly, it's modern, and most of all it's indeed -

And for me that means lovely...

See you next post!

Testimonial 4

Hi Everyone

I've used linux as a desktop user since 2003 and have tried distros right, left and centre. I started with Suse linux which, frankly, was the only distribution I could get to load on my old PC. It was great but at the time if you added any hardware, wanted to add software, etc, linux was a nightmare for a newbie. Being adventurous (-ish) I experimented with other distros and got to like the debian package management system. Oddly enough, at the time Mandrake as it was then called had a newbie friendly reputation, but I found this not to be the case and as time has passed I've tried everything from Slackware to Puppy including some so obscure that you have to search hard to find them.

As a computer hobbyist, I have picked up bits and pieces to help with the command line, learned all sorts of package systems and found bits of software that I like in all distributions. I've learned to love linux. I can partition with the best of them and even have an idea of what is happening when my computer carries out an action (something I never knew as a Windows user).

However, I've always found something missing in most linux OS's. I wonder if anyone else has always had the feeling that they'd like good bits from various distros but one distro didn't do it? Well, after 5 years, I think I've found it! I'm a bit shocked too as I'd tried PCLOS in the past and found it similar to Mandrake.

Now I see it in a new light. I've found that things I had to struggle to make work elsewhere, work here without hassle. These are too numerous to list. I'm sure I will still play with other linuxes on a test box but I'm happy to use PCLOS everyday and look forward to a long mutually satisfying relationship with it. (Too gushing?)

Off to work out how to contribute in some way. Thanks to all involved. Looking forward to fun computing.