Testimonial 1

I am a technical writer and editor by profession with over 30 years in the electronics, RF, software, and semiconductor industries. I am both impressed and amazed at the spectrum of available software in Linux and its usability. There is nothing that I have yet found that can be done in Windows that can not be done in Linux and done so with more security, less hassle, and certainly less cost.

As the years have passed, and I have moved from CPM to OS2 to DOS, to Windows 3.1, and on and on, I was always looking for an avenue to get away from Windows as soon as they started to charge too much, their software became bloated and unwieldy, and they stopped listening to their customers. (adware, viruses, security, style, updates, etc.) I was an HP UX user for a while and was very impressed with the stability and relative ease of use of UNIX. The versatility and robustness of UNIX stuck with me for years and I always wondered why Windows could never figure that out. After some initial distro hopping, I have now been "Windows Free" on all of my personal machines for a couple years now. I use PCLOS on all my Dell Optiplex G1 desktops and Mepis on my 390E Thinkpad laptops. I have become somewhat of a Linux evangelist and I am always trying to get others to "convert".

My wife and daughter, who are not power users of any OS, have had no trouble moving from Windows to Linux and indeed, they too like the high level of customization and security that Linux affords. From university school work for my daughter including numerous on-line classes, to budgeting programs like KBudget and multimedia support for my wife, they too have discovered the versatility and usability of Linux.

My thanks and appreciation to those who drive projects like PCLOS that provide an elegant, efficient, safe, and usable alternative to Windows. My thanks to the countless individuals who have taken the time to post resolutions to numerous issues on the forums. As I have discovered, if I have an issue, there is likely to be someone else who has had the same issue and a resolution is merely one forum search away. Try that with M$oft Tech Support and you will quickly be disappointed and end up with less money in your pocket.

My thanks to the PCLOS core team and to those regular users who routinely provide support on the forum. Keep up the great work.


Testimonial 2

I know you have all probably heard how everyone has left M$ and moved over to PCLinuxOS ....


sorry i will control myself ..... but my testimonial goes like so ...

been using M$ since M$Dos ... so i have pretty much been a M$ supporter .... until M$ lost sight of the needs of it's users and decided to go it alone and leave everyone behind ..... so from 95 to 98 then speedily through ME to XP where i have stayed happy for a number of years then on Vista ... where alas my romance with M$ has now ended ....

i have dabbled with Unix/Linux on a number of occasions but have always seemed to return to M$ simply because the Linux Distro's have failed to provide needed applications or hardware support which are quite simply click and use out of the box .... i have tried many distro's from Suse (fairly user friendly) to Mandriva through to Kubuntu/Ubuntu and many many flavours in between .... then i found PCLinuxOS simply by browsing Google under Linux ....

WOW ... and again WOW ... quite simply the most refreshing and user friendly version of Linux i have used .... it has everything i need from video editing/ DVD creation ... to Music and Games .... Office and the system utilities galore ... i have broken it a few times in trying to set it up to how i want it ... but instead of giving up and returning to M$ .... PCLinuxOS has kept my attention and i am winning through ... i have Compiz working and i am tweaking and changing everyday ...

Quite simply ... this Distro stands out against the giants .... Suse/ RedHat/ Mandriva and is a pleasure to be sat in front playing with .... i am now finding myself looking for new things to learn in order to see if PCLinuxOS will simply do or install through Synaptic ....

i have a new toy and it's a shame it has taken me so long to find the right shop to buy from ....

so just a thankyou to the whole of the PCLinuxOS team in creating something which has made my computing fun again


Testimonial 3

First off let me say that I am a Linux neophyte. As most, I have been a user of 'that other OS'. I am NOT a trained professional computer person. All I know, I have garnered from experience, forums, books and correcting my own mistakes when possible. Also I am a 'senior citizen' and have been for several years.

I just want to say that I have downloaded ISOs, burned CDs and tried probably at least a dozen live distros of Linux. By far, PCLinuxOS is the most friendly I have found. IT WORKS!!! It installed without a hitch. It recognized my ethernet card, configured and connected to the WAN through my router all by itself with a few questions answered by me.

Having the apps most users want and need, already installed and ready to go, is a big PLUS. Firefox, Thunderbird, Flash and the one that most DON'T include, Java JRE. All the links are made and IT WORKS!!! The myriad of other software is to be acknowledged as well. Gimp, the KDE bundle, Open Office and the list goes on.

One other amazing thing I found is this. I have 2 ethernet desktop machines, 1 wireless desktop and a wireless laptop. While PCLinuxOS was setting itself up (well almost by itself) it recognized all my machines, my LAN, my router and set up all the SAMBA links as well for me. I had been reading how to do that and it seemed like a nightmare to me. Then I found out it was already done and accessible through the 'System Menu/Remote Places'. THANKS to all who helped engineer this great Linux package and made a very usable, easy to install, newbie friendly version of Linux. My hat's off to the whole gang. Keep up the good work.

My advice to any Linux beginner is to try PCLinuxOS.



Evansville, IN