How to connect to XBox live, using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), and PCLinuxOS.

In this tutorial I'm going to discuss how to connect to XBox live, using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) in PCLinuxOS. First, since you are reading this online, I'm going to assume that your computer is already connected to the Internet. Whether your connection is plugged into a Network Interface Card (NIC), or as in my case, a modem, you are going to need a NIC that will be dedicated to ICS. So if your computer only has one NIC, and you use it for your Internet connection, you are going to have to install another NIC before you begin.

So let's say you just installed a NIC, or already had one installed but had never configured it. The first thing to do is open the PCLinuxOS Control Center (PCC). Go to System, and click "Enable or disable the system service". Now find harddrake, and set it to run at boot time. Click OK, close PCC, and reboot your system. During the reboot, harddrake will find and setup your NIC.

After you reboot, and have logged back on, open PCC. Go to System, and click "Enable or disable the system service". Find harddrake, uncheck run at boot time, and click OK to Close.

Next, go to Network & Internet in PCC, and click on "Reconfigure a network interface". At the top of this window, find the drop down list for Devices. Select the device that you use to connect to the iInternet. On the TCP/IP tab, select DHCP for the Protocol. Important! do not change any other setting for this connection. Just click OK to close.

You should now be back to Network & Internet in PCC. Click on "Share the Internet connection with other local machines". When the ICS window opens, click Next to continue. Follow the prompts, select your interface that connects to the Internet. The network adapter that will be connected to your local network, this will either be eth0 or eth1, depending on whether you have one or two NIC's installed. Continue following the prompts, selecting the default settings from this point until you are finished. You may also be prompted to install some additional software along the way. If you would like to do this beforehand, open Synaptic and install bind, bind-utils, dhcp-server, perl-Authen-Smb, and squid. When all is done, close PCC.

Now for the exciting part. Shut down your computer, and your XBox if it is on. For XBox 360, connect a standard Cat 5 network cable from your NIC, to the RJ-45 connection on the XBox. For the first version XBox, you will need a cross over cable to connect between the XBox and your computer. After the connection is made, turn on your XBox, then boot your computer to PCLinuxOS. After your computer is booted, log into your user account, and connect to the Internet, if this is not done at boot time.

Go to your XBox and try to log into your XBox live account. If the first attempt fails, you will be prompted by the XBox to test the network connection. Please do so at this time. The network test should pass at this point, and a connection will be made to XBox live. Which means... you're ready to play on XBox live! Thanks to the best OS on the planet, PCLinuxOS!

Footnote: I have to give thanks to jaydot for reminding me to always search the forum when you need help, and for an old post written by CO that taught me how to have harddrake set up a NIC at boot time. Thank you both very much!

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