Well, Well, Well

My Mother has Vista and my father has XP
My brother has a Mac says "It's good enough for me."
I'll only use a Linux and it better be PCL
And if you don't get one you're going straight to…

Well I went to the forum to learn a thing or two
Everyone said "We'll tell you what to do
Click on your partitions and all will be swell
And if you don't mount them you're going straight to…"

Well I hung around the forum everyone was oh so kind
Right then and there I made up my mind
Now all the information is starting to gel
If I don't learn my lesson I'm going straight to…

Well I logged into the forum to have a little chat
Read the testimonials what do you think of that
Everyone was happy with PCL
Now none of those users will go straight to…

Well I haven't met Tex so I say "Howdy do"
He'll probably tip his hat and say "Send me a buck or two.
Just put it in an envelope and stick it in the mail
And if you don't do that you're going straight to…"

Well I've finished with my story but there's a lot more to say
When you get a 'puter go Linux all the way
It always will be free, you can't buy it at Dell
Just make sure your System is a P C L