I have used MS Windows for 13+ years.

That's right, Windows 95 came out in 1995, of course, and I was using Windows way before Windows 95.

I spent $1800.00 and built the computer of my dreams. I loved it. Man, it ran great. But alas, they broke into my house, and when I walked in after work, the first thing I noticed was that my computer was gone. Yup, they stole it, my beautiful piece of machinery. I've been online for 13 plus years, and I don't seem to function right without a computer and the internet. So, I bought a Dell Optiplex GX110 at a yard sale for 20 dollars. This thing sucks, 384M of ram, and the on-board video was SOOOO weak, I installed the only thing I knew to install, Windows XP. My poor, timid, 8Gb hard drive was half gone after an install, needless to say it ran like tee total crap. Yeah, it was fairly stable, as stable as it has always been, but just booting my computer consisted of hitting the power button, and keeping busy for 6-7 minutes. I couldn't take it any more; I needed a solution. I spent more time waiting for my PC to do something than actually using it. I erased XP and installed, per the 'designed for' sticker on the front of my new PC, Windows 98, only to find out that every 3 out of 4 programs that I was used to running, didn't work, didn't offer an alternative and, above all else, did not have a half decent replacement. If you can install 98, then try to get a firewall, antivirus, and spyware remover, and succeed, you are indeed a tech genius. I could not even find adequate programs to ensure a secure system.

Again, I needed a solution.

My old machine couldn't compete with today's software, so I searched.

I don't remember my exact words when doing a search that brought me to an article about PCLinuxOS. Sure, I had heard of Linux before, but many brief experiences with it proved much too complicated for me. However, there was something about the screenshots and the articles I read that for whatever reason, for the first time in my life, I downloaded a version of Linux.

I have used MS Windows for 13+ years.


I really mean it, WOW!

I downloaded, burned and installed PCLinuxOS effortlessly, and I have used it for over three weeks. I switched 2007 to MiniMe 8 days ago, and I can not express the ease of installation, use, configuration and sheer enjoyment that I have felt since discovering what many in this world have known for many years......... Linux really is a good operating system, and PCLinuxOS is, among what I have learned, one of many "types" of Linux. It is one "kick butt" OS! I have been misled for many years; there are not also other operating systems, there are in fact, BETTER operating systems.

PC Linux OS 2008 "MiniMe" is the greatest thing I have ever installed on my computer. Although there are many types of Linux, I know that had I not tried 2007 first, I would never have stayed. I have a fully functional, highly capable, extremely smooth-running machine, that not only does everything I want it to do, it does it well, and super-fast. After the install of MiniMe, I am, for the first time ever, building my OS from the ground up, the way I WANT IT, not the way your company, ahem, MS, says it should be.

I haven't rebooted in days; my OS has NEVER crashed or froze; the configuration and customization is utterly endless.

What can I say except YOU GUYS ROCK!

I am on websites learning how to use consoles, learn Linux commands and understand the file structure. I am convinced, I am not erasing my MiniMe. I'm converted, I'm here to stay,

As a final note, on this extremely long-winded testimony, I needed space in my CD holder to hold my 2007 Full and 2008 MiniMe CD's........ so I threw away my burned copy of Microsoft Windows XP Professional!