Top Seven Reasons to Choose PCLinuxOS over Windows 7

Patrick G Horneker

With Windows 7 to be released on October 22nd, we really need to push the idea that consumers should choose PCLinuxOS over Windows 7. Microsoft started its television advertising campaign using, of all things, aseven year old child as a spokesperson. The selling point in the ad was "I am a PC", and the words "more happy" were actually used in the advertisement to promote Windows 7, as well as selected quotes supposedly from the major computer media companies. especially when ZDNet, not two weeks ago, said that the Linux desktop was ready for the mass market.

The screenshots from Andrew Huff's article comparing Windows 7 to KDE 4 are solid evidence that much of the KDE 4 desktop has become part of the Windows 7 desktop.

With this in mind, I shall present the top seven reasons why consumers should replace Windows with PCLinuxOS, instead of upgrading to Windows 7.

Reason #7
Windows 7 requires 1GB of RAM, with 2GB recommended for performance. PCLinuxOS requires 128MB for the Phoenix, LXDE, and some variants, while 256MB is the requirement for the KDE3 and GNOME variants of PCLinuxOS. 512MB is the minimum for the KDE4 desktop.
Reason #6
PCLinuxOS is like 7-up when it comes to viruses, trojan horses, spyware, malware, and other malicious software: Never had it, never will.
Reason #5
PCLinuxOS is available as an installable LiveCD that can also be booted off from a USB flash drive, or a memory card for that matter. There is no live version (not even a demo) of Windows 7 to try out.
Reason #4
PCLinuxOS is easy to install and administer. In fact, it is so easy, even the seven year old child who does the advertisements for Windows 7 can administer PCLinuxOS.
Reason #3
Hewlett-Packard All-in-one devices work out of the box with PCLinuxOS. Even with Windows XP, extra software is needed to get these printers working.
Reason #2
Wireless networking is made easy with PCLinuxOS, especially if you have a Atheros chipset built into your laptop. Simply run drakroam and you are set for secure wireless freedom.

...and the number one reason for installing PCLinuxOS over Windows7:

Reason #1
Consumers will get the best desktop made by the best people on earth!