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Nerd Test

Some members of the forum took a little test to see if they met the qualifications of being a nerd. There were different levels of nerdiness. Here are their scores and comments.

AndrzejL 97
"I dont believe I am that nerdy … Thanks it was fun"
taelti 17
"and then I was rewarded with this for my 'hard work'" I absolutely need to pull up my socks …… am getting geek & nerd literature and I am going to totally immerse myself in them.
Texstar 89
Neal 96
"Who? Me?"
T6 86
"well, I'm a nerd"
rudge12000 100
"Hay I got 100% on the test. After some research and only two tries."
cubbybear 79
"I could have gone back and changed certain answers that I knew would have resulted in a higher score, but decided not to because "my mom told me not to show off"
Sproggy 97
"would I be anything else lol"
Riki never did post a score
"May I have the link to the test?" Thanks Neal. I must be a top nerd … I did the test and never got the result!
weirdwolf 89
"also" 67
JohnBoy 80
"I am a failed nerd if posts here are anything to go by"
parnote 100
"Given some of the problems I've posted here, I have no reason to be boastful. But on the "Computer Savvy" quiz, I got this result a few months back"
Lone Stranger 44
I suck "Gotta pull out the computer and Linux books, get my nerdy nephew over and study like crazy."
rudge12000 no score posted
The trick is knowing who Cray is and what the computer looks like. Then, the Binary question.
coolbreeze 64
"No point asking me anything"
gseaman 79
"I knew the 'correct' answers to score higher, but I had to tell the truth!"