Mark's Quick Gimp Tip


The Gimp is a terrific graphics editing program! Once you use it, you'll find how powerful it really is. And you Microsoft followers will ask yourselves why you ever paid $100.00 (or more) for the graphics program you have on your current Windows system when The Gimp is free for download!

Gimp is packed with lots of neat and helpful features. The one I use quite a bit is the "Document History Dialog." The Document History Dialog takes the "Open Recent" menu selection one step further. The DHD lists dozens of images that were opened or edited in the past.

Because I use Gimp to assist me in creating all my cartoon features, with Document History, I'm able to go back a week or two and open up a comic strip or panel I previously worked on.

To get to the Document History Dialog, simply go to: "File > Open Recent > Document History". Or open it in the right side tab dialog of Gimp. In the tab dialog (Layers, Channels, Navigation, etc.), just select to open a new tab and choose "Document History." Once you have it there, you can then adjust the size of thumbnails, and the layout (list or grid). Experiment! The tab dialog can be customized in countless ways!

-Mark Szorady is a nationally syndicated cartoonist. His work is distributed by Email Mark at georgetoon at gmail dot com.

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