Testimonial: It's Like Having A New PC

by Rob8

I've got some pretty old hardware (2.8gig P4, 1 gig DDR, IDE drives, etc...) and had been dual booting XP and Mint. Everything worked OK, but nothing to write home about. I figured I'd give 2009.2 a try, in the Gnome flavor, since I had used PCLinuxOS a few years back. What a revelation! This old PC has never run so fast before. It is way faster than when running XP, and it beats the pants off of Mint as well. I'm especially happy with the speed in which pages load in Firefox, and how quickly files are accessed from my XP drive. All I can say is well done, guys!

Thanks also for saving me some money, because I was about to break down and build a box with a quad core and sata drives. I still will, but now I can wait until this economy improves (if it ever does).