ms_meme read Archie's comments
And wondered what was vi
It must be something wonderful
And why not give it a try

But first she had to find it
This mysterious thing called vi
And off she went to her programs
As she gave a little sigh

She started searching low
Then kept on searching high
And finally in a terminal
She found the editor vi

She pressed on the ESC key
And then tried the letter 'i'
And then with a 'h''j''k''l'
She was flying high with vi

Her fingers never left the keyboard
As she wrote css in vi
She never even touched the arrows
Although at times she wanted to cry

She googled some tutorials
And herself she did apply
And she thanks her friend Archie
For leading her to vi

ms_meme may be old
But she's still a little spry
And if it takes the rest of her years
She'll conquer dear old vi