FORUM FOOLS are my delight
I can spot them a mile away
Always posting day and night
Don't think before they say

What's this you ask some mistake
Surely no FOOLS exist
Sorry to give you a double take
But I really must insist

Here's a quiz for you to solve
I'm sure none you will miss
Use your brain with much resolve
To find what FOOL said this

  1. This would be a great thread for the magazine forum foibles. Although, if this is publicized we're in trouble.
  2. I would reply, but I've chosen to ignore you all, so I don't know what you said.
  3. The future is already here for a few among us … my vote for those who are fortunate to live the future.
  4. I'm not certified but I'm definitly certifiable.
  5. I am really confused. After that I am lost.
  6. I don't trust anyone or anything on the Internet.
  7. Now all these points are now cleared up.
  8. I think I'll "Re-Boot".
  9. Don't know how many times I have to keep posting this but here goes again for the 100th time.
  10. Well at least there is someone that is smart in the group!
  11. I've spent endless hours trying to sort out a silly little problem. Why is it that the simple solutions NEVER present themselves FIRST?
  12. The best of us started off asking stupid questions.
  13. Love it, got to admit though, some of us have done some real dumb things.
  14. Man's quest for answers is the shadow of his ignorance.
  15. Does that mean that is going to rain cheese from the moon?
  16. Yep! Start off with coffee, and the golf balls will be much much better.
  17. No problems here.
  18. Sniff, sniff. Do I smell smoke in here? Who just lit up a cig to go with their coffee?
  19. I figured out how to create a link!
  20. Love knows no boundaries.

Check answers!