ms_meme's Forum Foibles:
Bytes From the Bunkhouse


Rudge: If I am wrong, I am wrong. I learn and thank the person for pointing it out. I am still, just a dog.

gseaman: Yes, it is good to be able to admit you are wrong.

coolbreeze: It takes a big person to admit they are wrong.To admit when your wrong is to gain Respect.

gseaman: Besides, I think it is actually pretty easy to admit you are wrong. You are wrong! See, that wasn't so hard.

dubigrasu: Admitting that you are wrong is…hard.

Xyus: I need to apologize for something. Ok. I's sorry. I's wrong.

longtom: Well ­ you are wrong. Admit it! Now!

Xero: I admit to being wrong all the time. It heads off everyone else telling me so.

sammy2fish: Most of the time if you/l are in the wrong, and say we're not…people know or suspect different anyways. Then you only loose credibility.

Neal: Wrong? On occasion, yes, I have been.

jaydot: i'm never wrong. i only make mistakes.

grnich: I have heard this about admitting you are wrong: "If you have to eat crow, it's best to do it while it's still young and tender."

tuxfriend: If you're never wrong, you can't learn from your mistakes. So, never being wrong actually makes you dumber.

coolbreeze: Guess I'll have to make better mistakes.

ElCuervo: My wife says I'm all wrong.

joechimp: It's easy to say your wrong or to say you are sorry. The integrity lies in saying you were wrong or saying sorry directly to the person you wronged. That is something not everyone does. Just my humble opinion.

blackbird: In the (admittedly implausible) event that I were to be wrong (at some unlikely time in an equally unlikely future), I certainly would admit it before I was found out.

rob0917: One time I thought I made a mistake, but I was wrong!

djohnston: Read an interesting article the other day. It was about interviews with Make magazine contributors. Seems they all agreed they learned more from their failures than they did their successes. How does that saying go? Success is 2% inspiration and 98% perspiration.

Xyus: I know I don't learn anything until there is a huge explosion involved. Most of the time ­though not always­, those explosions are the result of failures. Thus, I learn more from failures than successes.

weirdwolf: Normally if I think I'm wrong I then I'm usually right about being wrong. It always sucks when you're wrong and don't know it till much later.

rudge: I always try to avoid committing to being 100% correct unless I know, for sure, 100% that I am correct. Even then, I sometimes don't push myself aggressively.

ezas: This reminds me, this weekend I heard this phrase: First comes rapport, then comes respect. I liked that.

hounddog: Admit that you're wrong and learn from your mistake. If you don't admit, you never learn.

Johnboy: That makes it very difficult for those amongst us who are never wrong …… seems being right the whole time makes you dumb, and being wrong has the opposite effect? I think there is something wrong with that …… but of course I might be wrong …

newmikey: Oh no, you are totally wrong! Admitting you are wrong to your wife is one of the dumbest stupidest things you can do. Believe me, you will suffer for months afterwards! NEVER admit you are wrong to your wife. Now go on … admit you were wrong!

coolbreeze: ONLY months, boy you are one lucky dude.