KarlM: The Loss Of A Friend, Supporter


KarlM, a PCLinuxOS community member, supporter and friend passed away on June 23, 2010. News of his passing was from his friend, Jeddaboy, and read as follows:

My name is Wayne, AKA: Jeddaboy. I am so very sad to have to notify all members of the passing of a long time member, strong supporter, loving and ever ready to help out any one where possible, KarlM. Unfortunately, I am in shock at the passing of my friend. We met on the forums years ago trying to sort out Skype issues. It developed into a very close, loving mate ship. He developed and through On-disk, distributed his DVD Repository Collections to help those less fortunate, because of finance and being stuck on dial up connection. Please remember him and if any of you are the prayerful type, pray for his family and friends now in mourning.

Jeddaboy continued a little later on:

He was an extremely intelligent man, a whiz at math, physics, university educated. He was approximately 70. I think. We spent hundreds of hours on Skype, talking computers, all manner of things. We laughed and cried together at times. He was a quite achiever, with all his intelligence he was one of the most humble, kind hearted men i have ever met!

KarlM first joined the PCLinuxOS forum in January 21, 2006, and made his last visit to the forum on June 14, 2010. In that time period, KarlM offered his assistance and insights on 420 topics in the PCLinuxOS forum.

KarlM’s last forum post was to fellow community member tame, regarding printing on CDs with an Epson inkjet printer. Yet, one of his last forum posts reads as follows, and serves as good advice to all who visit the forum. From May 28, 2010, it is as follows:

Do not say dumb!

Smart. You posted your problem. You provided exact information (the picture) of what you did and what happened. Thus someone else could see where the problem was and suggest a possible solution.

When you think emotionally charged words like "dumb" or "bad" to yourself, the human mind then forgets the details around that incident. Details you may need in the future. What you did today that produces a result you did not want, is likely to be the same thing that in the future you need to do to get a different kind of result that you then want.

I have made the same (spelling error) kind of mistake a number of times. It is very hard for me to see, and it took me a lot of time to finally see the missing, or extra letters.

The Cut and Paste of what one did and not words about what you think you did and what you think happened, is advice that has been repeated many other times on this Forum.

I want to compliment you on providing information (the picture) on exactly what you did and exactly the results you achieved. This is smart and not "dumb".

Rest in peace, KarlM. You will be missed. And the entire PCLinuxOS community offers their heart-felt condolences to his friends and family during this sad time.

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

Abraham Lincoln