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FUN with PCLinuxOS

Chuck Chunder: What's your fav time waster and why? I happen to like the hydrogen drum machine:

  • Annoys the other people in the house.
  • No expensive drum kit.
  • No space taken up when not in use.
  • Wastes time wonderfully.

longtom: Thanks for pointing me to that program! My son will love it — and I get his earphones ready. Otherwise I just purchased Settlers 6 on a serious special — love this kind of games.

Chuck Chunder: You can use the keyboard too. Start by using the keys on the bottom row (z-m), also s,t,q,w.

grnich: Online flash game. Google search "Kitten Cannon" It never gets old. Have fun.

MBGguy: freedoom-iwad — in the repositories.

Weirdwolf: +1 Only play it 3-4 times a year though.

jaydot: freecell, mahjongg, knetwalk. hours gone unnoticed.

Rudge: I actually play the drums so I can see myself waisting a bunch of time with this. Thanks. It's good old Frozen Bubble for me. I do toggle the music off after about an hour, oh and I run it with the -notime option so I can set up my shots verrrry carefully.

TuxTorch: I'm a drummer too! I'll check this out. LMMS is good for electronic music as well replaces Fruity Loops in Windows, for games I've been playing Ice Breaker (icebreaker in repositories), Super Tux, Gnometris, Hedgewars, etc.

Rudge: Nice, so far it seems "crashy" but I can work around that. It took me a bit to figure out how to adjust the sustain of a given instrument but this is great! Thanks, I didn't know about it.

TuxTorch: No problem, fruity loops was one program I was missing when I first came to Linux then I found LMMS. It does take some getting used to.

Xyus: When I kill time, I usually use something very Sharp. Like Mono. But seriously, I haven't used PCLOS long enough to have a favorite time killer, but I've played a lot of Battle for Wesnoth over the last few days. And I carried over my use of "messing with Psycle" (I.e. Making random, highly annoying, musical "noises") as a pass-time from Windows. I use the windows version under WINE, as it seems the Linux version hasn't been worked on for a while. I've got the source from the SVN repo, though, and I'm going to play with that and see what I can get.

parnote: Hmmm — when I get bored, I usually just write another magazine article.

Chuck Chunder: Yes, and that boredom is certainly well conveyed in your articles.

MBGguy: Much appreciated. Keep up the exceptional work! PClinuxOS succeeds because of folks like you! Not having your skills,time, and commitment, I salute you.

sammy2fish: When I get bored — Time to re-install due to stuff not working like I'd like them to; buy another LP on eBay to rip on my usb record player; try a new a new theme and tweak the heck out of it and discard it because I didn't like it afterall; or see who's on the forums while sipping a rye&coke.

Ruel24: My favorite time waster is YouTube. I can't get enough of rare concert footage of my favorite bands.

longtom: Time wasting and noise go together in our house as well. My little son (12) saved hard for a drum kit and got himself a nice Ludwig a year ago. Since then on every off weekend I get out my old and trusty Gibson, rig a mike on a broom stick and chase it all through a 24 year old Roland 60W Combo. That together with the drums gets the neighbourhood going — and the rest of the family fleeing. We looove it — and time flies. Wipe your eyes and it is way to late for all those weekend chores I was meant to do.

Xyus: Forget my previously stated hobbies, I just discovered that Dwarf Fortress 0.31.03 works under Wine perfectly! Now I can get back to mercilessly slaughtering things with their own limbs!

jaydot: One I used to play a lot was gweled, but the newer version insists on playing an annoying tune I am unable to switch off. Shame about that as I'm not so keen on its variants.

Lee2010: When I get bored I rearrange my desktop — Oh and of course I play the flash game when penguins attack.