Welcome From The Chief Editor -- October 2010

I know I've said this before, but there is a lot going on, and a lot of it within the last month or so. First, the maintainers of the various PCLinuxOS desktop remasters are preparing for the next round of quarterly releases of updated ISOs of the Live CD. Second, there has been a lot of speculation about the future of Mandriva, and PCLinuxOS is starting to see a lot more users taking another look at PCLinuxOS. Face it. Linux users everywhere are in pursuit of stability and want to use something that has a more stable, certain future.

Google continues to alter the range of services they offer, ending the files and pages features of Google Groups, with no opportunity for discussion or input from those who utilize the features (just as they did previously with Google Wave, after its short run). Xmarks, the very popular browser add on that allows for synchronization of bookmarks and open tabs across multiple computers, is closing their doors and ending their service, unable to find a business model that works to provide them with sufficient funds to continue operation with a free browser add on. Speculation abounds about Xmarks future, ranging from possibly making the Xmarks code open source, to making Xmarks a pay service with a nominal yearly fee.

But have no fear, good things are also happening with The NEW PCLinuxOS Magazine. This month, we continue our coverage of the LXDE desktop environment. Andrew Strick presents a duo of articles, with LXDE: Get To Know Obconf and LXDE: Configuring LXPanel. I follow that up with my LXDE: Adding Wallpapers, Panel Decorations article. Meemaw continues her series of articles on the free OpenOffice Office Suite, with her OpenOffice 3.2, Part 5: Draw article.

Darrel Johnston reviews another PCLinuxOS original, with his Repo Spotlight: Know Your System With Systeminfo article. Gary Ratliff, Sr. continues marching through the alphabet of computer programming languages, with his Computer Languages A to Z: Pascal article. Peter Kelly, coming off of his long and popular Command Line Interface Intro series, gives us some tips on how to best get assistance in the PCLinuxOS forum, with his Getting Help In The Forum article. Leiche reviews another recent and new addition to the PCLinuxOS repository, with his DeaDBeeF: A Lightweight Linux Audio Player article.

I take a look at another Firefox add-on in my Firefox Add-ons: Rain or Shine, Forecastfox Tells All article. DeBaas reports on his efforts to help sow the seeds of Linux, in the PCLinuxOS Takes Center Stage article. Patrick Horneker shows us how to Read Barnes & Noble eBooks on PCLinuxOS, and shares his parody of Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi song, Big Linux Laptop.

We also have two new testimonials this month. We also have our regular columnists, ms_meme and georgetoon, back with more. Ms_meme shares a couple of different, new Forum Foibles, as well as two new songs. Georgetoon returns with another Double Take, as well as another of Mark's Quick Gimp Tips. This month's cover, celebrating fall, comes from Timeth.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the magazine, and that it gives you plenty to read until the next issue. Until then, I wish each and every one of you peace, tranquility, serenity and success.