New Forum Launched: PCLinuxOS Kids

by Paul Arnote (parnote)

In January, Sproggy launched a new PCLinuxOS forum. No, don't worry. Your regular forum hangout hasn't changed. It hasn't even moved. This new forum is targeted at kids.

Since there are a number of PCLinuxOS users with kids, Sproggy thought it would be a good idea to have a safe place where those kids could hang out and socialize with the kids of other PCLinuxOS users. Sproggy is hosting the forum on his own website.

Since getting started, PCLinuxOS Kids has grown to include 20 regular members, so far. Four moderators help maintain order in the forum, insuring that the short list of rules is adhered to. Those moderators are blindschLeiche, GuypronouncedGuynotGuy, longtomjr and SproggyJnr2. As you might imagine, longtomjr is the son of longtom, and SproggyJnr2 is the youngest son of Sproggy. The forum has three administrators to assist with the day to day running of the forum. Those administrators are longtom, Sproggy and parnote.

As you can see, the forum is currently broken down into three areas. The first lists the few simple rules of the forum. The plan is to keep the rules minimal and simple, at least to start off.

The second area is the "Fun" area, where discussions can occur about favorite games, graphics, jokes, movies and sports. Thus far, forum members can be found sharing their latest graphic creation, as they learn about the various graphics tools available in PCLinuxOS, or sharing their latest favorite jokes.

The "General Category" fills in the third area of the forum. Here, general discussion of just about anything and everything occurs. Users there have already expressed an interest in expanding the areas of the board to include a coding section, where they can help one another learn various coding techniques and share tips and tricks of coding.

The PCLinuxOS Kids logo, created by longtomjr.

Of course, you don't have to actually be a kid yourself to join the PCLinuxOS Kids forum. This forum appeals to the "kid" that exists in all of us, and is open to "kids" of all ages. Feel free to join in on the fun. Plus, if you have kids of your own and you are looking for a safe place where your children can socialize with others their own age, they are more than welcome to join in on the fun, as well. After all, the kids are our future. The earlier we help them to get started with PCLinuxOS, the better prepared they will be whenever they head out on their own … and the better prepared they will be to carry the PCLinuxOS legacy into the future.