PCLOS May Call You

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D  Ddim    D                  Ddim      D
PC-LOS may call you no matter where you roam
        Ddim                 D                Bb   A7      D
In your heart you'll hear it call you come on home come on home
   Ddim     D                 Ddim          D
PC-LOS will whisper no matter where you may be
        Ddim           D          Bb A7      D
Here am I your special OS come to me come to me

     G           G7          G              Gm
Your own special desktop the choice of your dreams
Em            G6  Em       Gm6    Em       A7
Try all those wid-gets and choose your own themes

       Ddim   D             Ddim        D
If you try PC-LOS you'll be come a devo-tee
        Ddim            D      Bb     A7       D
It will be your special OS and that's a guaran-tee

  Em7    Gm6   D