Welcome From The Chief Editor (May 2011)

Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost among all that’s going on with PCLinuxOS. In case you missed some of the highlights, here’s a brief rundown. To start off with, the Linux kernel has hit the repos, amid reports of it being the fastest ever. KDE 4.6.2 has hit the repos, and the monthly bug update (4.6.3) isn’t very far off. Sproggy and Texstar have been working on Xfce 4.8.1. Gnome 3.0 is being given a very close look. Before long, new 2011 ISOs will be coming out.

Several PCLinuxOS developers have banded together to develop a home-grown PCLinuxOS web browser, called Hammer. It is still in development, but you can get a look at the alpha version (some are calling it pre-alpha) by going to the topic in the PCLinuxOS forum, as well as follow the development process. They have made amazing progress in a very short amount of time. Plus, if you have any Python coding skills, you can even join the team, since this is a development project by the community, for the community.


On the magazine staff, Galen (gseaman) has taken a break from his task of preparing the HTML version of the magazine every month, due to other commitments and demands on his time. So Galen, thank you for all your hard work on the HTML version of the magazine each month for the past two years. You’ve done an outstanding job, and your hard work has been appreciated every step of the way. Meanwhile, Sproggy has agreed to carry on the layout of the HTML version of the magazine each month. Let’s welcome Sproggy aboard in his new role with The PCLinuxOS Magazine.

In this issue of The PCLinuxOS Magazine, Meemaw continues her look at Scribus. I continue my series of articles on working with video files, examining HandBrake and DeVeDe. Patrick Horneker continues his look at running WindowMaker on PCLinuxOS, focusing on working with backgrounds in his latest installment. horusfalcon starts a series on backup solutions under PCLinuxOS.

Archie completes the second part of his Retroshare article. Stathis checks in from Greece, with a first hand report of the activities at the Greek OpenFest 2011 conference. Meemaw starts a new series of articles covering the myriad of choices available for graphic file viewers. She also wrote another Game Zone entry, this time taking a look at an online game site that targets school-aged children.

We also get to learn about another of our female PCLinuxOS users this month, where silverbirch is interviewed for the recurring Ladies of PCLinuxOS article series. Darrel Johnston fills us in on more details surrounding the running of Icaros, in the third part of his Alternate OS article on Icaros. Leiche returns with an article about converting and editing MPEG transport stream (*.ts) files into something that you can work with on your computer.

Of course, all of your regular features are present, as well. ms_meme is back with ms_meme’s Nook, as well as another installment of Forum Foibles. Mark Szorady is also back with another installment of his Double Take & Mark’s Quick Gimp Tip page. Of course, we feature 10 more exemplary screen shots, in Screenshot Showcase.

So keep your ear tuned! There are lots of things happening, and I suspect they’ll happen rather quickly once they start coming down the pipeline. Until next month, I wish each and every one of you peace, prosperity, serenity and tranquility.

Paul Arnote