Welcome From The Chief Editor (July 2011)

It’s here! It’s here!

Of course, I’m talking about the first 2011 release of PCLinuxOS. Dubbed the “06.11” release, it has the latest version of KDE (4.6.4), the 2.6.38 Linux kernel, X.org Server 1.10.2, and updated video drivers. It also sports a new look, with brushed-metal wallpaper and splash screens.


An updated, 2011 ISO of PCLinuxOS-LXDE has also been released, in both a “full” and light version. It also sports the 2.6.38 Linux kernel, X.org Server 1.10.2, updated video drivers, and a new look using new brushed metal graphics.

Updated Gnome, Xfce, Openbox and e17 versions will be released soon. As is typical for a PCLinuxOS rolling release, there is no need to reinstall … just so long as you have maintained an updated system by routinely (and regularly) updating your 2010 installation via Synaptic.

This month, we start up a new series of articles that cover the Openbox releases of PCLinuxOS. We also continue our series on using Scribus, photo viewers, WindowMaker on PCLinuxOS, backup basics, and alternate operating systems. With the “Ladies of PCLinuxOS” article series, we get to learn more about another female member of the PCLinuxOS community. This month, we learn more about melodie.

Game Zone makes a return, with a reprint of a blog entry by Igor Ljubuncic at Dedoimedo.com about how to install DirectX in Linux using Wine, opening up access to a much greater number of Windows games that can be played on Linux using Wine.

Meanwhile, stay tuned. Meemaw and myself have been brainstorming about some additional regular columns that may find their way into The PCLinuxOS Magazine very soon. We have a few more details to work out, but have made some progress.

July brings the American celebration of independence from England, with the 4th of July holiday. For the rest of the northern hemisphere, July brings the beginning of some of the hottest summer weather of the year. Meanwhile, those living in the southern hemisphere are well into winter.

This month’s cover, by Meemaw, depicts the American 4th of July holiday, when families gather to celebrate that independence from England 235 years ago with fireworks, picnics and family cookouts.

Until next month, I wish each of you peace, happiness, serenity and tranquility.

Paul Arnote