Testimonial: Greetings From VA, USA! Wow! So You're All Not From Texas!

by newbit

On a July 4th, we declared our independence from the rat race and moved from NYC to NASCAR territory, southern VA. After a decade, people realized we're here to stay and don't yell “go home Yankee” anymore, and we're now introduced as "our international yankee-turned red neck friends."

I also left behind a long relationship with Microsoft and Windows. I was among the first resellers supporting Windows, and am long done with it. I used to build custom PCs, but hadn't owned one for years.

Last year, I got a mini and this used laptop with most of Linux Mint 9 on it and passwords I didn't know. It still thinks it's on Pacific time and refuses to accept Eastern time. I checked out Distrowatch and other bookmarks. I found in order to ask a question, you have to register first, so now this is the third and final place I've registered. I still can't partition the harddrive, access admin or terminal, and still don't know how to wipe and start anew with an OS I'd like. I found several, and found that Linux users are smart and friendly and definitely decided to stay.

PCLinuxOS has at least three styles I really like. Full Monty is like something I tried to do in Windows and IBM did with “Rooms,” a carousel style layout. It makes sense to me, a desktop for each major function and project done in it. Looks awesome! Openbox sounds better for me though. It’s more minimalist; add the essentials and appreciate the speed.

So, I gotta share this. Years ago, a friend showed me an OS with a bull on the main page. He said it was made by some rich guy in Texas and I never saw it again, but never forgot it. I thought it was slick, beautiful, and I happen to like Texas, as does my uncle, who lives there. So this year on my OS quest, I re-discovered it and again was reminded it was made in Texas and limited to English according to a review, so it made me think it was a little known local distro that really needed more attention because it was great! Now I have four or five OSes I like. Three of them are PClinuxOS and make the most sense. The other distros I like are loud and maybe a bit immature, or have way too much stuff or a bit too different. The ones here are more polished, quiet and dignified, and give a sense of ease and stability. Kinda like the difference between a custom-painted, blown Honda with big rims … or a plain Mercedes.


So I was happily surprised to find people from everywhere on this welcome center! I can no longer afford to travel, but did so when I could. I have been to most of Europe and some of N. America. I miss meeting all the wonderful people of this world, and they are really mostly wonderful. It's a shame that it's always the noisy stinkers of the world that make the news. I now work applying some English-Spanish skills and make enough to eat and be happy. I am even happier now to find this international bunch of people and am feeling at home.

Thank You.