Simple Samba Setup Under PCLinuxOS KDE

by Texstar

This tutorial will walk you through setting up a simple shared folder in your home directory.

Open Dolphin

Create a new Folder called Shared in your home directory

Right click on the Shared Folder

Click on Properties

Click on Permissions

Click on Advanced

Check all 6 boxes

Click OK

Click OK

Open Synaptic

Click Reload to get a current file list

Click on Search

Type in task-samba

Right click on the task-samba

Mark for installation

Click Apply

Close out Synaptic after transaction is complete

Open Configure Your Computer (PCLinuxOS Control Center)

Click on Network Sharing

Click on Share drives and directories with Windows (SMB) System

The Wizard will start.

Select Standalone - standalone server

Click OK

Workgroup type mshome

Netbios name type samba-server

Click OK

Security Mode - Select Share

Host Allow - type 192.168.1.  (Please note all of my network computers use 192.168.x.x)

Click OK.

Server Banner

Click OK

Samba Log

Click OK

Final Status Wizard page

Click OK

Congrats to you. The Wizard has configured your Samba Server

Click OK

File Share Tab

Click on Modify

Click on Open

Select the Shared folder you setup earlier

Click OK

Add Yes to Public, Writable , Browseable

Click OK

Click on Samba Users Tab

Click on Add

Select Nobody

Leave the password field blank

Click OK

Click on the Samba Server Menu Item next to File

Select Reload

Select Restart

Click OK

While still in the Control Center go to System -> Manage System Services

Scroll down to SMB

It should show as running

Check the box to On Boot

Click OK

You can now close out the PCLinuxOS Control Center.

To test copy some files into the Shared folder.

Go to another computer on the network (sorry no Windows here)

Open the Konqueror File Manager from the menu -> File Tools

In the URL bar type smb://samba-server/homes

There is your shared folder with files! \O/

For Dolphin Click on Network

Click on Samba Shares

Click on mshome

Click again on Samba-Server

Click one more time - on Homes

There is your shared folder with files! \O/

Holy crap you did it!