Welcome From The Chief Editor

Shhhhh! Be varry varry quiet! But the 3.2.18-x kernel has made its way to the regular repos. Without any fanfare, and without any announcement, the 3.2.18-x kernel has been freed from the testing repos. Remember that your kernel is not updated as part of your routine and regular updates. Instead, you will need to specifically install it from Synaptic. The new kernel will be installed right next to your currently installed kernel, allowing you an easy route to revert back to your old kernel, should the new kernel have some issues with your hardware. Also, remember that the first time you boot your computer with your newly installed kernel will take a little extra time, as all the modules and drivers are rebuilt for your new kernel.

If you are fearful about updating to the new kernel – don’t be. So far, I’ve updated three of my computers to the new kernel and everything has gone just fine, except for a minor issue with a wireless adapter no longer able to connect using WEP. I had been meaning to change from WEP to WPA-PSK for some time now, and the situation just got me off of my duff and forced me to stop procrastinating.

Do you have to update your kernel? In one word, nope. If the 2.8.38 kernel is performing well for you, then you can continue using it. Remember that kernel updates are not a part of your regular and routine updates. Eventually, you will want to – and may even have to – update to the newer kernels. But for the moment, you can continue using your current kernel.

In other news … you may have noticed that The PCLinuxOS Magazine now comes in two new “flavors.” As if he hasn’t done enough for the magazine by providing the magazine’s new web server, David Moore (a.k.a. YouCanToo) has undertaken the chore of converting the monthly magazine issues into *.epub and *.mobi ebook editions. These ebook editions now make it easy to view The PCLinuxOS Magazine on your B&N Nook, Amazon Kindle, and most other modern ebook readers on the market. YouCanToo will be creating ebook editions of all the magazine’s 2012 issues, so keep an eye on the magazine’s website to grab your copies when they become available.

Also, Leiche has released a new, updated 2012.06 version of the LXDE Live CD. Of course, if you’ve kept your installation regularly updated, you already have the “latest” version of LXDE. Still, if you are planning to install LXDE on a friend’s computer in the near future, you may want to download and use the updated LXDE Live CD. It’ll help streamline the installation and update process.

Until next month, I wish each and every one of you peace, happiness, serenity and prosperity.