Customize Your Default Search Engine In Opera

by T6

I don't like to use Google as my default search engine. It is good, but sometimes it doesn't do what I need.

I used to work with metacrawler, until I abandoned Firefox.

In Opera, I couldn't find a way to add metacrawler directly. That is, until I found the steps required to do it.

First, open Opera web browser.

Second, in the address bar enter the address of the search page you prefer. In my case, I entered

Third, right click on the search box, then select “Create Search...”


Fourth, in the search engine window you can assign a name for the new search engine, a keyword, mark “Use as default search engine” to replace Google or your current search engine, and “Use as speed dial search engine.”


Just mark what you need, and press OK.

Don't modify the address, or the new search engine will not work.

If you marked “Use as default,” the new search engine should be immediately available[a].


I tried this process with Bing, Yahoo, Google, and Ask, among others, and it worked well.