Never Fails to Amaze Me

by plankton172

Yesterday, I bought a drawing tablet for my 13-yr old son: a Genius F509. I initially contemplated on getting the more expensive Wacom Bamboo, but since this is the first pen tablet he's use, we'll find out first if this model will do until we see the need to upgrade. I got home and booted the desktop PC to Win7 and installed the tablet (it required the driver on the included CD-ROM to properly install). I tested it on GIMP, and it was okay. I restarted the PC and booted to PCLinuxOS. Without installing anything, I tested the tablet on GIMP. Lo and behold – not only did it work out-of-the-box, the pen tablet even seemed more responsive than it was while running in Win7! This OS just hits one home run after another! How can I say that? It's because it's the same with my iPod, Kindle, Novo7 Android tablet, Panasonic digicam, Samsung cellphone ... it recognizes virtually all external devices I plug into it. Everything not only works, it makes working with gadgets even better and way smoother.

It's actually been more than a year since I first tried PCLinuxOS. At first, I thought it was just going to be my "backup" OS. It only took a few weeks before I realized it's more appropriate to make it my *main* OS. I actually want to make it my *only* OS, if not for my wife and son who still need Win7 for a few things to be done.

I guess there is little to say about PCLinuxOS that hasn't been said already. It's (radically) simple to install, maintain and use. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but it is not very steep. The forum and magazine are extremely useful in getting info and help. Were they not, then I don't think I would be using this for so long.

I have only one nagging problem on my desktop PC install which I have never quite solved 100%. I suspect it involves flash and/or the video card drivers, but I will post that matter in the proper section.

Until then, thank you and MABUHAY, PCLinuxOS!

One of a Kind

by andy

To all involved with the creation and support of PCLinuxOS and to anyone thinking of going this OS route,

Due to work taking most of my time, I had strayed away from Linux for about 3+ years until the spring of 2011 or so. My last Linux install had been RHL v.8, and I liked it just fine. Work started slowing and I was again looking around at Linux. I then found out that since I left the circle momentarily, that the above mentioned distro was no more, sort of. I started downloading/installing a lot of various distros and desktop versions.

After a 17 OS multi-boot Linux install of various distros and all of them alongside two versions of that other monopoly (for gaming), PCLinuxOS KDE and Full Monty KDE created a look and feel with their OS that has become home for me. I played around with each one of the 17 multi-boot installs for about five or six months to see what might happen, or not happen, and found that PCLinuxOS KDE says what it does and does what it says. It just flat out runs, and runs, and runs. I especially liked that it utilized the RPM based repo as well, since I recalled that my previous Linux installs utilized it.

My old single core AMD XP3200 was showing its age with today’s KDE. I just couldn't see anything better than a fresh new up to date system with PCLinuxOS as the mainstay. KDE was OK on the old setup, but when multi-tasking, the old system showed its age.

I really like all the eyecandy of the KDE of today, and the PCLinuxOS version is by far the easiest to manage out there for me.

I have converted four people in the last six months to PCLinuxOS KDE. Two of the four were ready to have only Linux and to be done with with the other guys. The other two had family that wanted to utilize software they already had for some projects and aren't really going to be the admin to their system or interested in learning wine or VirtualBox. I'll be their admin now, and those two now have a dual boot setup. They are very happy, as am I.