from houndhen

Rave on PCLOS!

I have downloaded, installed, and updated a lot is distros in the 5+ years that I have been using Linux. I have liked several but for some reason or another, I have moved on to another. Sometimes I suspect that there are problems with my hardware, etc., and I didn't have the gumption to try and figure out the solution and proceed with it. PCLinuxOS KDE came along when I was looking for a distro that didn't leave me hanging for support after a couple of years or so. Man, am I pleased with what I have been running for several months now. I can't imagine that PCLinuxOS is not #1 at DistroWatch. There are other good distros out there, and I have some of them installed, but PCLinuxOS KDE is my every day distro to use. I have a laptop and a couple of desktops, but still prefer a desktop to anything else I have tried. I have tried Gnome, XFCE, LXDE, and some other desktop managers, but KDE is my favorite. As I look at the new offerings of distros, I check out what it is based on, what desktop managers are available, whether it uses legacy Grub or Grub2, and what file manager it uses. I prefer legacy Grub to Grub2, dolphin to other file managers, KDE desktop, GUI over command line, and the ease of configuring my system.

The forum is also great if I need help. Keep up the good work, everyone!


from geomonroe

Full Monty

If I didn’t need that gaming OS, all my drives and machines would be running the Full Monty.

I have been using Arch, but I am too new to know all the packages I need for an optimal system. So I tried PCLinuxOS again and, boy-oh-boy, this is one incredible OS.

from glamdring

Searching far and wide, trying some of the big names to the small name distros, I was just curious as to what they had to offer. So what's all the fuss? I landed here when I was new with Linux, as it was the only one that auto detected my hardware.

Yet I find myself back where I began. Why? Because hands down I believe this to be the best distro available. The only thing that has changed is my migration over to LXDE (I'm in love with it!). Even when I was searching through so many other distros, I found myself coming here to get help, because there just isn't anything that beats this forum. You might as well have a premium support subscription! I remember thinking to myself, "someone has to have one killer looking/functioning distro." Here I am admitting I was definitely wrong. PCLinuxOS is a 5-star distro!

I was so happy to see my subscription is still good. Granted, if I have the money, you can be sure I will be a long time subscriber!

Thank you Texstar, packagers, testers, mods, admins, magazine staff/contributors, and most of all thank you to the entire community.

from ZX80Man

Hi all,

The bottom line:

(To save time for those looking for fault)

It might not be perfect.

You can not always satisfy everyone's needs, at the same time.

Paid OS or not, (IMHO) it's the best OS you can get!

My views:

It would be far simpler to state the things I do not like about PCLinuxOS. OOOPS, at a loss there.

I enjoy working with new things and understanding how they work. My first computer was a ZX80 that a friend of mine purchased from a magazine add. He failed to make it work, so I traded an old motorcycle for it. He was happy, and I had a new challenge. After getting it working, I was faced with learning to type in programs published in magazines to use it. My wife remembers that she and my little girl had to walk softly, so as not to dump the programs I was inputting.

After that, I got most of the different personal computers of the days to come. I volunteered Basic knowledge at the community center, joined user groups and even set up a bulletin board. With each new computer, came a new OS & hardware to learn. When I finally came to the PC, I liked the idea of the many ways to use & program it. Basic was still there, but Logo, C, ML and others were available. After trying some programming ventures, with the help of some close programing friends, I decided that hard core programing was best left for those with an endless supply of coffee and those who did not require sleep.

I was left with a huge respect for those that spend so many wakeless hours programing. So, like so many of us, I fell into the M$ rut, paying for an OS that wasted much of my time.

One day, years ago, I was given a Linux OS to try (I think it may have been an early version of Redhat). Giving it a go, I concluded that it was not for me. I liked Basic, but not the command line. (Note: that was back then).

Next, some time later, I tried SUSE for a while. I did not like the paid/open limited concept.

A few years later I tried that African popular OS and to it's credit, it helped open up my mind to the benefits of Linux. I tried quite a few different OS over time. I started preferring Gnome over KDE, but that was again a first impression via that unnamed OS. The first PCLinuxOS distro I tried was KDE Full Monty. After that, my eyes were opened! I loved how well a beginner was made to feel right at home, with just about every program he/she could want.

Also, the look and feel in this KDE OS was well thought out and very user friendly. This lead me to trying the other desktops that PCLinuxOS had to offer. I was not disappointed by any of them. Today I love using the KDE version and enjoy making minor cosmetic preferences along with a few program additions. After some time and consideration, I even signed up to be a tester.

So, as stated in the beginning, PCLinuxOS is the best! Thanks to all who make it so. Now if you enjoy: reboots, blue screen of death, reinstalling, non-user friendly, paid OS & paid apps, virus/malware, finding drivers, not being able to tweak, or just like to beat yourself up, you may not need/like PCLinuxOS. But if you like an extremely stable, fast, works right out of the box and get things done OS, as well as very easy to read & look at for long periods of time, you are sure to agree PCLinuxOS is as great as it gets. The forum and magazine are also second to none.

PCLinuxOS. You’ve got to love it. Give all the desktops a try and find the one that's just right for you.