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Welcome From The Chief Editor

One of the things that stands out about PCLinuxOS is the sense of community that PCLinuxOS forum visitors find among its users. Time and time again, I see it mentioned in the forum.

Even though we all come from different backgrounds, walks of life, professions, and have varied interests, one thing ties us all together: our love of Texstar's creation, PCLinuxOS. In many ways, those friends we make in the forum become lifelong friends, and perhaps even extended family members.

Many of us will never meet in person. But, through our interactions with one another on the forum, we become close. We become friends. We share our successes and failures. We squabble with one another. We laugh with one another. We feel for one another.

That sounds like a family to me.

Like in all families, there are the occasional clowns. There are the occasional rabble rousers. There are dysfunctional members. There are calming members. But at the end of the day, we are all still family.

Some members of that family may move away, to graze in other pastures. Some may even drop back by to check in and say howdy from time to time. But many will move on with nary a peep or utterance to be heard ever again.

That leaves many of us that are left behind to wonder "whatever happened to __________" (fill in the blank). With some, like Sproggy, Tara Rains, and Joble, they are taken from us before their time, and will never be heard from again. But, with most, they are still wandering around Linux-land.

Wouldn't it be nice if they dropped in from time to time to let us know what they have been up to? Those family ties remain, even after a user leaves PCLinuxOS for other pastures. Friendships and relationships were built during their stay, and remain long after their departure.

One such user, Dadster, did exactly that. He had moved on to Mint Linux, but stopped by the PCLinuxOS forum to see how we all were doing. He admitted that he maintains a soft spot in his heart for PCLinuxOS, and the community that has grown up around it. Even though it had been a while since being seen around the PCLinuxOS forum, he was remembered and welcomed back.

It would be nice if more former PCLinuxOS users did the same. If nothing else, it gives the rest of us an idea of what the former user has been up to, and lets us know that we have not been forgotten amidst the former user's new adventures.

Until next month, I bid you peace, happiness, serenity, prosperity, and good health. Be careful out there with the newest surge of the COVID19 delta variant! This is some NASTY stuff!

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