Well, here we are with issue #4, and I believe we have an even better magazine for you this month.

There are reviews of three music management applications, an open source replacement for AOL's interface, and a collection of links that should prove useful for newbies and experts alike. There is an announcement about the PCLinuxOS Small Office Home Office (SOHO) edition, and four how-to articles.

I would like to thank those of our readers who contributed articles and our staff who worked hard to prepare this month's issue. As usual, we provide you with a choice (isn't Linux all about choice?) of downloadable versions as well as the online version.

When visiting the main PCLinuxOS forum the other day, I saw someone answer a question using the PCLOS Magazine as a reference. I cannot tell you, dear reader, how gratifying that felt: that our efforts are worthwhile, and helpful to the community. Our community is smaller than those other distros', but there is also a closer feeling in the PCLOS world than elsewhere.

To each and every one of you, I say "thank you" for your support. Please keep submitting articles for us to share with the rest of the community. Keep watching the forum for interesting topics; let us know what you wish to see in the magazine.

As 2006 comes to a close, a special thanks is warranted for Tex and the rest of the developers for the best distro out there.


P.S. In issue #5 (December 31, 2006), look for something new and exciting. We're going to have a new feature. Don't miss our end-of-year issue!