Configure Mozplugger to play midi files

Mozplugger is installed by default in PCLinuxOS. Amongst its many capabilities is to play midi files embedded in an html page if Timidity (a software synthesizer) is installed.

First you will need to install Timidity from the repositories using Synaptic. Open Synaptic using either the icon in your panel or from the start menu.

Start -> System -> Configuration -> Packaging -> Synaptic Package Manager

Click on the Search button, type in Timidity, and then click on the search button. In the window that pops up you will see 4 apps. Click on the box to the left of Timidity++ to mark it for installation. Click on Apply next and you will see a window that tells you that Synaptic also needs Timidity-patch-free. Click Apply, and the download and installation will proceed. When it is finished, close Synaptic.

However, in my experience, it is also necessary to change the settings by modifying the /etc/mozpluggerrc file using a text editor. If you don't do this, depending upon your system and the mozplugger version, you may get either too much reverberation, or no output at all. To do this we will need to use our file manager in Super user mode. Go to:

Start -> System -> File Tools -> File Manager - Super user mode

Enter your root password and click OK. When your file manager opens you need to navigate to /etc/mozpluggerrc. You will find 4 mozpluggerrc files, .default.rpmnew, .default.rpmsave, .rpmnew, and .rpmsave. Double click on the first file and it will open in Kwrite. Scroll down to the Audio section and on the 5th line change:

controls noisy stream: timidity -Od "$file"


controls noisy stream: timidity "$file"

Once you have done this, save the file and close Kwrite. Repeat these steps on each of the three remaining mozpluggerrc files and when you are finished close your file manager. Thats all folks!