PCLinuxOS Based Distros

by Papawoob

Just thought I would try and bring everyone a list of currently active PCLinuxOS based distros. If I have missed any, I apologize. If anyone knows of any others that are being actively developed please drop me a note at the Magazine website or at Papawoob@pclosmag.com.

AmaroK Live

amaroK Live is a stripped-down live CD of the GNU/Linux operating system, based on PCLinuxOS, with a fully functional amaroK music player. It is meant to display the features and power of amaroK. The goals of this project are: create something cool to promote amaroK, offer an easy way to introduce people to amaroK, provide a way to demonstrate the new features of amaroK when a suitable Linux installation is not available, and make it easy to remaster the live CD.


ArcheOS is an acronym for Archaeological Operating System. It is a GNU/Linux live DVD distribution, based on PCLinuxOS, with specialist software for archaeological purposes.


CAElinux is based on PCLinuxOS and is designed for computer aided engineering. Based on the open-source CAE softwares Salomé & Code_Aster, you can load STEP / IGES geometry in Salomé and start partitionning and meshing your problem in just 5 minutes.

Granular Linux

Granular Linux is an easy-to-use, desktop Linux distribution based on PCLinuxOS. Its main features are a carefully selected set of applications for common tasks, the ability to customize the distribution, and the inclusion of two popular desktop environments - the flexible KDE and the lightweight Xfce.


Karoshi is a free and open source school server operating system based on PCLinuxOS. Karoshi provides a simple graphical interface that allows for quick installation, setup and maintenance of a network.

Ruby on Rails

Rails Live CD is a specialist distribution providing a pre-configured and fully operating Ruby on Rails development environment on a bootable CD. The distribution is derived from PCLinuxOS.

SAM Linux Desktop

SAM Linux Desktop, a live and installation CD based on PCLinuxOS, is an easy-to-use, fast and clean XFce Linux desktop for home users. The distribution is enhanced by several popular non-free applications, such as Macromedia Flash plugin, Java and RealPlayer.


VideoLinux is a PCLinuxOS-based distribution with focus on DVD backups, video encoding and transcoding, DVD authoring, format conversion and pretty much anything else you want to do with video.


TinyMe is a scaled down version of PCLinuxOS 2007. The latest version is delivered as a 177 MB liveCD and features the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, Synaptic, and the PCLinuxOS Control Center. It comes with a few applications, so it could be a really light version of PCLOS for older computers or a foundation on which to build your own system as you choose.


PCFluxboxOS is a series of remasters of PCLinuxOS catering for different end-user needs. All the following remasters are installable live-CDs and all come with the i586 'Legacy' Kernel for increased compatibility with older hardware. Newer kernels can be installed via Synaptic.

TinyFlux - Version 0.5b out now for testing (released 15 August 2007)

A minimal desktop experience within a tiny ISO of 225MB. Main applications: Opera (inc Flash 9); Sylpheed (e-mail); Thunar (file manager); Audacious (XMMS/WinAmp clone); mtPaint (image manipulation); Grafburn for CD/DVD burning; Synaptic (package manager); PCLOS Control Centre; guided installer. See TinyFlux downloads page for full details

MidiFlux - release expected September 2007

A large selection of applications in a relatively small ISO expected to be about 350MB in size

FullFlux - release expected September 2007

A huge selection of apps in a whopping 700MB full live CD

NanoFlux - release expected October 2007

A miniscule distribution stripped down to Fluxbox and Synaptic. Add your own apps to build your perfect system!

RescueFlux - release expected November 2007

A small ISO containing all the apps you might need to prepare for, or rescue an installation.

Keldix Linux

Keldix is a Linux distribution primarily for the Small business Office and Home Office (SOHO) market. Keldix is a live-dvd built on PCLinuxOS.


All new bootsplash, backgrounds, and really nice features, upgraded to a great looking operating system and the best out-of-the-box look, and user experience possible!

Business Edition Linux (BEL)

BEL or Business Edition Linux is a business implementation of PCLinuxOS 2007. Our goal is to provide solutions for small business needs using one of the easiest to use Linux Distributions available.


MythTVOS 2008 is based on MiniMe 2008 and has MythTV and all plugins installed and (pre)configured. Just boot from the livecd, select your TV / SAT / CABLE card and scan for channels…


EeePCLinuxOS is a PCLinuxOS remaster specifically for the EeePC.

PCLinux Educator

We are working on an educational meta-package, for PCLinuxOS2007. According to our development team educational software, or even an educational distro, goes further than kde-edu, childsplay and gcompris.


This is a minimal LiveCD that is bootable, plus it can be installed. Add in your own background, window decoration, localizations, preferred applications and supporting libraries to fully trick out your desktop. In addition you can remaster your own custom version of PCLinuxOS. Have fun! You can find the .iso image under the Downloads button at: