Just Released PCLXDE!
PCLinuxOS LXDE 2009 is now available.

The PCLXDE 2009 is a self-booting/installable Live CD that features the LXDE desktop environment along with a minimal suite of lightweight applications designed for use on low end computer systems. It is small, fast and fun. Designed for P III or better. Does not work on K6/2 processors. But wait there's more!

Features include:

  • Opera - Web Browser
  • Abiword - Word Processor
    (Get Open Office available after hd install)
  • ePDFView - PDF Viewer
  • Leafpad - Tex Editor.
  • Transmission - Bittorrent Client
  • Emesene - Instant Messenger
  • XChat - IRC Client
  • Sylpheed - Email and News Reader
  • GRDC - Remote Desktop Client
  • GPicView - Graphic Viewer
  • MTPaint - Graphic Drawing Client
  • Alsaplayer - Music Player
  • Xine - Video Player
  • PCMan - File Manager
  • Simple Backup - Backup Software
  • Xfburn - CD/DVD Burning Software
  • Gnome PPP - Dial up Client
  • File Roller - Archiving Software
  • PCLinuxOS Control Center - Adminstration Tool
  • LXDECC - LXDE Control Center (provided by LordUnR34l)
  • AddLocale - Convert LXDE into your language
  • XPat2 - Card Playing Suite
  • Tiwtux -Twitter Client

and much more all fit into a 300 MB Live CD for fast downloading and installation. Not not only that but an additional 11,000 programs are available after hard drive installation through the Synaptic Software Manager!

lxde pic01
lxde pic02
lxde pic03
lxde pic04
lxde pic05


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