Welcome From The Chief Editor

As the dog days of summer bear down on us, things are remaining "hot" with PCLinuxOS. Recently, we've seen the release of the quarterly update for the different desktop flavors of PCLinuxOS. These bear a new naming schema, where "2010.07" refers to the 2010 release, from the seventh month, or July. Additionally, PCLinuxOS has managed to garner much well-deserved acclaim in various reviews of Linux distributions. Of course, the added benefit of this recent flurry of good reviews is the influx of new users to the PCLinuxOS ranks.

In fact, we are seeing lots of new users in the PCLinuxOS Forum. We are seeing users moving to PCLinuxOS from the various versions of Windows. We are seeing users moving to PCLinuxOS from OS X. And we are seeing users moving to PCLinuxOS from other Linux distributions. As PCLinuxOS receives all of these new users, it's important to remember not only our Forum manners, but to also make them feel welcome to our Linux home.

This month, I'd like to announce that Meemaw will fulfill the role of a second assistant editor for the PCLinuxOS Magazine. She has been an invaluable asset over much of the past year, helping with articles, editing and layout of the magazine. Without her assistance, I'm not sure I'd have had the time or energy to focus on (or implement) the improvements in The NEW PCLinuxOS Magazine that you have seen over the past year. So, congratulations Meemaw, and thank you!

We have plenty of items that we hope will keep your interest this month. First, I conclude my series on the Xfce 4.6.2 desktop environment. I provide Xfce 4.6.2: The Xfce Settings Manager, Part 3 article, as well as Xfce 4.6.2: Customize Your Xfwm Theme and Xfce 4.6.2: Customize Thunar's Context Menu. Meemaw continues her look at the OpenOffice office suite, with a look at OpenOffice: Calc.

Speaking of article series, critter continues his most excellent series, with Command Line Interface Intro: Part 11. Eronstuc continues his series on computer programming languages, with Computer Languages A to Z: Modula2. djohnston continues his series of articles that take a look at alternate operating systems, with his Alternate OS: Haiku, Part 2 article.

Leiche walks us through using jMencode in his Video Encoding: Step-By-Step article. Xyus gives us another installment of Game Zone, with his Game Zone: World Of Goo article. Wamukota lists the reasons he feels that Linux IS Ready For The Desktop. I detail yet another Firefox add-on, with my Firefox Add-ons: Xmarks Marks The Spot. Timeth gives us an Inkscape tutorial, to help us learn how to clip objects, with his Clipping Objects Together To Create Cool Graphics With Inkscape article. And, we have three new testimonials this month.

Of course, ms_meme's regular columns, Forum Foibles and ms_meme's Nook are back, as well as georgetoon's Double Take & Mark's Quick Gimp Tip. And, this month's cover is by Timeth, commemorating Spain's win in the FIFA World Cup.

Until next month, I wish you peace, happiness, serenity and tranquility.

Paul Arnote [parnote]
PCLinuxOS Magazine Chief Editor