Announcement: PCLinuxOS 0.93a Released

Texstar announced on August 21, 2006 the availability for download or online ordering of PCLinuxOS Full Edition aka Big Daddy.

The full edition comes with Kernel, KDE 3.5.3, Open Office, Firefox, Thunderbird and Nvu. Digikam, Gimp and Gqview for your digital photo needs. Amarok, Audacity and Audio Creator for your digital music needs. Frostwire, bittorrent and gftp for file transfers and p2p file sharing. Mplayer and Kaffeine for video viewing. (libdvdcss2 required for dvd encrypted playback). Kopete and Xchat for online chatting. Blogging and podcast software also included. PCLinuxOS Big Daddy is the full monty!

PCLinuxOS 0.93a Big Daddy

PCLinuxOS 0.93a - Full Edition aka Big Daddy is now available. This is our full version of the PCLinuxOS Distribution.

Internet Suite
Internet, Email, instant messaging, and more! PCLinuxOS includes The Mozilla Firefox Web Browser and Thunderbird Email Client. Kopete Instant Messenger allows your to chat with friends on Yahoo, MSN and AIM.
Complete Open Office Suite
PCLinuxOS comes with a complete Open Office suite for word processing, spreadsheets, drawings and slide presentations.
Digital Photos
Digikam is a pre-installed photo managment program that allows you to download, organize, edit, and share your entire photo collection. Easily connect your digital camera to your computer and import all of your pictures with a few mouse-clicks. In addition to Digikam, PCLinuxOS also includes the powerful GIMP image editor.
Digital Music
Manage your favorite tunes with Amarok, an all-in-one music player built into PCLinuxOS. Burn and rip your favorite music with Audio Creator. Fileshare through Frostwire.
Web Publishing Tools
PCLinuxOS includes Nvu, a powerful, easy-to-use web design program that is open-source. Anyone can create web pages now, even those with no technical expertise or knowledge of HTML.

PCLinuxOS allows you to try it in Live mode without touching your current system. If you like PCLinuxOS you can easily install it to your computer using the easy to use Installation program. After installing PCLinuxOS to your computer, you can access an additional 5000 programs and libraries from our free software repository.

If you are tired of Windows constantly crashing all the time, the blue screens of death, the nasty viruses/trojans, constant pop-ups, and sluggish performance then PCLinuxOS is for you. Switch to PCLinuxOS today!!!

The current list of programs on the Full Edition of PCLinuxOS 0.93a can be found at

PCLinuxOS 0.93a Junior

PCLinuxOS 0.93a Junior is our next step up from MiniMe. PCLinuxOS 0.93a Junior is a self booting Live CD with advanced hardware detection. In addition to running Junior in Live CD mode, you can also install it to your computer. Easy to follow instructions are included on the Live CD as well as a chat channel for instant help.

Junior comes with a set of pre-selected programs for Web Browsing, Email, Instant Messaging, Blogging, IRC chat, Music, Graphics, Video (additional software required for encrypted DVD playback and proprietary formats), Digital Camera, Games, Ftp, Bit torrent transfer, CD/DVD burning and more.

If you are first time Linux user or someone migrating from Windows then PCLinuxOS 0.93a Junior is a great way to get started using Linux. After installing PCLinuxOS to your computer, you can access an additional 5000 programs and libraries from our free software repository. The current list of programs on Junior can be found at

PCLinuxOS MiniMe 0.93a

PCLinuxOS MiniMe 0.93a is the minimal version of our Live CD for those who just want a basic desktop without the bloat allowing for full user customization. Simply put the CD into your CD or DVD drive and run it in live mode without ever touching anything on your computer. In addition to the Live CD mode you can also save your changes to a usb key disk.

PCLinuxOS MiniMe can be installed to your computer by simply clicking on the install icon on the desktop and using the easy to follow instructions provided you like PCLinuxOS and it runs well on your computer. After hard drive installation, you can access over 5000 programs to fully customize your desktop the way YOU want. PCLinuxOS MiniMe come with the latest kernel, a basic KDE 3.5.3 desktop, CD Installer, Synaptic Software Manager and Control Center.