Foreword: From the desktop of the Chief Editor

Hello PCLinuxOS users and friends,

It is with great pride, most especially for me, to be part of a worthwhile project for an enthusiastic community serving an outstanding Linux distro, PCLinuxOS. The magazine project is just another good example of how we can "give something back" to the developers and the whole community.

Do we really need another on-line magazine in this ever-so-bloated information library? What would be in the magazine? Who would be doing it? And most important, who is it for? These were the very first questions that came to my mind when I took up this post. My only answer, PCLinuxOS.

The contents of the magazine will mainly be contributions from community members. PCLOS users, like you or me, can participate in the project. It will, as Canonical likes to say, always be free of charge to the community and the digital universe.

Look around you. Aren't we among, if not the first Linux community to publish our own on-line magazine? This feat alone makes me very proud, and I hope you will be too.

In our milestone issue, we have put together the first collection of material from our users. It was going to be a simple layout; and it still is; and it was to be minimal, yet we believe we have exceeded the expectations with our community's accomplishments in this project.

Finally, a request. Let us all work together, in whatever small ways we can, to make PCLinuxOS the best Linux distribution.

Peace to the world,