Message from the Chief Editor

Dear online readers,

The magazine staff, on behalf of MyPClinuxOS.Com, sincerely hopes that this online version of the PCLinuxOS Magazine, will reach many of our valued readers, especially those on the slow connections, and show our evident commitment in providing you a high quality and accessible magazine.

There is also a PDF version available for download in several versions. The Presentations Mode (filename suffic PM) version is a wipe effect featured version, which is very similar to TUX. It is best viewed in KPDF, although other readers such as Adobe Reader can also be used. The Viewer Default version (suffixed VD) is the version for those who do not wish to have the TUX-like version and is viewable with any PDF reader. The Text Only version (suffixed TO) is smaller filesize version but does not contain as many graphics in it.

Please continue to provide us with your feedback as we strive to bring you a magazine you can be proud of.

See you next issue,

Archie Arevalo