From The Desk Of The Chief Editor

I was delighted when our Chief Editor, Archie, offered me this page this month. It's a real honor to be the first (well, actually, the second) page.

Welcome to the second issue of the PCLinuxOS Magazine. This month we focused on children and Linux. There are articles by children, about children's distributions and an announcement about an exciting new project in the PCLinuxOS community: eduLOS, an educational client and server system based on PCLinuxOS.

Join us for a trip down memory lane (if you're old enough) as we remember early personal computers and look at how far we've come in so few years. If you don't come from a time when there were no personal computers, you will still enjoy seeing how we did it in the "olden days".

That said, I'd like to take a moment and express my thanks to every one of the editors, proofreaders, authors, graphics and layout people. Every one of you did an amazing job this month finding/soliciting articles, shaping them, polishing them, and just making this magazine something I am proud to be part of. No one person could do this; it takes a TEAM, in bold, capital letters.

Our staff literally covers the globe, with people in half a dozen or more time zones, from various educational, experience, and ethnic backgrounds. We are truly an international effort. In spite of how diverse we are, we all achieved the common goal: a magazine we can be proud of.

We all hope our readers enjoy the articles and will help spread the word about PCLinuxOS, and of course, Linux in general. Thank you all, staff and readers alike, and see you next month.

Tim |