Screenshot your Screensaver

by Tim Robinson

I saw a post in the PCLinuxOS forum, asking if there is a simple way to grab a screenshot while a screensaver is running. Here's how to do that:

  1. Right click a blank area on your desktop and select "Configure Desktop." Set your screensaver to come on in 1 minute or less.
  2. Open KSnapshot and configure it to snapshot the entire screen, and set its delay to something longer than the screensaver delay (see image below). Be sure to select "Full Screen." Click the New Snapshot button.
  1. Wait. The screensaver will come up, and after the delay, KSnapshot will grab a copy of what's on screen.
  2. If you prefer, set the KSnapshot delay to whatever you like, and then, after pressing the "New Snapshot" button on the configure screensaver dialog, click the "test" button to start the screensaver. A few seconds later the screenshot will be made and you can press Esc to stop the screensaver test.
  1. Once back in KSnapshot, save the snapshot somewhere (it will be saved as a .png file) or tell KSnapshot to place it on the clipboard so you can insert it into a document of your choice.