mklivecd Bug Fix

by ClareOldie

In the last release of PCLinuxOS (.93a) a bug became apparent after some users failed to create remasters of their install, with the output showing a series of "=========". This only affected users with separate /home partitions and consequently was not discovered for some time. The fix is relatively simple, requiring an edit of the mklivecd file. Details on how to implement this are given below.

As user go to Kmenu -> Applications -> File Tools and launch File Manager Super User Mode. Navigate to /usr/sbin/ directory and right click on the mklivecd file. Select Copy and then right click in the pane (but not on a file) and select Paste File. Select Choose New Name and save the file; mklivecd.bkp might be a good choice. The original file is saved with the new name in case of mishap and will allow you to restore it if necessary. Go back to the original mklivecd file and right click; choose Open With and select Kwrite or your preferred editor. In the View menu of Kwrite enable Show Line Numbers. This will place line numbers in front of each line of the file. The edit requires you to remove "-mount" from three locations. In turn scroll to lines 734, 739 and 750 and remove the "-mount" part of the line. Be sure to delete the "-" as well as "mount". Save the file. You should be good to remaster your installation now. The lines are listed below with the parts to be removed in red (be sure also to remove the space following "mount").

(734) do_cmd("(find $o_root -mount -type d

(739) do_cmd("(find $o_root -mount -type f 2>/dev/null | sed -e 's,^$o_root,/,g' | grep '$ex' | sed

(750) my @files = qx(find $o_root -mount -type f 2>/dev/null);