From The Desk Of The Chief Editor

Welcome to the February 2007 issue of PCLinuxOS Magazine. We've had lots of help from people on the main PCLinuxOS forum and the result is a number of excellent how-to articles.

There is a review and how-to on Dansguardian for those of you with children whose Internet experience you wish to control. We have an in depth follow-up to my short how-to on using Tor to browse anonymously. There's a step by step tutorial on acquiring and installing VMWare, and much more.

As promised last month, this issue contains a "treasure hunt." Last month we placed yellow dots with letters in them on some of the graphics. The key was short and many people figured it out easily. This time, the "keys" are letters, numbers, punctuation, and hidden in plain sight in the text of the articles. Like this. Look for red characters on a yellow background. Be aware that the key is a phrase, not a single word, and may contain punctuation and/or spaces. Note that NONE of the characters on yellow background in this editorial are part of the real key. Remember that capitalization is important.

Read the articles, write down the key characters as you find them, then organize them into a phrase. Then visit <link> and enter your guess. If you guess wrong, you may try as many times as you wish. The first person to get it right wins a copy of PCLinuxOS p.94 from OnDisk.Com. The winner's screen name (only) will be announced in the Magazine's thread on the main forum.

While it's all great fun to hunt the key and enter your guess, please take time while you are at the treasure site to provide us some information about yourself. No personally identifiable information is collected at the site (except for your email address if you are the winner). We need the information requested so we can do a better job serving the PCLinuxOS community. Thanks.

Late breaking news!

On January 21, 2007, version p .94 RC1 was released. Your magazine staff was ready and produced an Extra edition in record time. Thanks gang. Next month's issue (released March 1, 2007) will have in depth reviews of all the goodies, screen shots of the cool 3D graphics, explanations of the new menu structure, and all the scoop on this gem. Look for next month's issue. It'll be worth the wait, just as PCLinuxOS p .94 was.