From The Chief Editor's Desk

As I sit here at my computer to write my monthly introduction to PCLinuxOS Magazine, our favorite distro is having to deal with several problems. First, apparently the popularity of PCLinuxOS has resulted in our forum host suffering too high a load on their resources and they have taken down our site. Second, PCLinuxOS's main repository, Ibiblio suffered a major hardware failure, and almost all the Linux distros (and perhaps other things they handled as well) were lost.

The PCLinuxOS Community has responded in amazing fashion. Almost immediately, a temporary help forum ( was established, and shortly thereafter the donations from concerned PCLinuxOS users began pouring in. Many of the people who posted there have offered server space and other support. The mods and members have been providing ongoing help with problems.

Speaking of problems... There have been those out there that wanted to use our misfortune to claim that PCLinuxOS is dead. The news of PCLinuxOS's demise has been greatly exaggerated. The distro is healthy, development continues apace on TR4, and Final will arrive soon after. Tex and the gang are hard at work, addressing both the hosting problem and the drive to Final.

So don't despair. Things will get better. With this distro, that is what we have come to expect, and I know Tex and the Rippers will not let us down.

Ordinarily, I'd take space here to tell you about the articles in this issue. There are a bunch of good ones this month. Explore and enjoy.

That said, I'd like to ask every PCLOS magazine reader to take time right now and send a donation to Tex. You can make a donation via the Amazon Honor system to help our current problems. If you do not already have PASS access, don't forget to click the link to pass your details through to the recipient, else Tex won't know about your donation and won't be able to send PASS access details to you. For those that do not already know, PASS is the server where updated packages appear first before going onto the public servers, and where only donors get access. It's a small reward for those that contribute development funds. That's apart from the warm fuzzy feeling you get for having helped!

And if our main forum is up and functioning by the time you read this, donate anyway. Do it now!