PCLinuxOS Magazine June 2007
Issue 10

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  1. KDE User Guide Chapter 3The third in a series on using KDE in PCLinuxOS.
  2. Newbie's AdventureRecent positive reviews have brought a large number of new users. One newbie shares his experience with us.
  3. Linux and the MassesWhat will it take for Linux to be ready for the masses? Are we there yet?
  4. The Cat who knew LinuxPCLinuxOS is such a work of art, it is inspiring poetry!
  5. ScroogleLast month we learn how to integrate Scroogle into Konqueror. Here's one for all of the Opera lover's out there.
  6. LinuxMint ReviewUbuntu gets a lot of attention, but many Linux users want KDE. There is Kubuntu but another serious contender is LinuxMint.
  7. Speed TweakingEveryone wants their computer to go faster. Here's how.
  8. KDE User Guide Chapter 4Two for one this month. Here's the next article on using KDE in PCLinuxOS.
  9. Firefox ExtensionsWe have ten of our favorite Firefox extensions for you to explore.