The Cat Who Knew Linux

Big Daddy Bear

On a cold rainy day in March, or was it April,
I sat at my PC, so bored, that is until
I saw a strange cat walking, walking uphill.

He walked to my door and into my house.
I was taken aback, by this house entering louse.
He sat in front of my PC, grabbed hold of the mouse
and began to do things I'd only heard espoused.

This cat entered commands and clicked on all manner of buttons.
He hadn't said yet a word, not even "hi, butthead"
This cat was a loon, a freak and just weird.
Then he turned round and grabbed me, just from my beard.

Turning my heard toward the screen, he did say,
"you'll want to watch me, if you want to do this someday."
The screen was wild, colors so fulla, "this is beryl", he said, "I mean it, no bulla."

"You can make windows wobble and desktop cubes spin,
but only if it's in Linux you're in."
"No Windows can match this, not XP or Vista
very easy to do, even by your sista."

He typed a few lines in on the command line,
and turned and scowled when he heard me whine.
"The C/L is your friend, it makes a lot easier
If you'd only try a little and try not to be lazier."

Then he entered startx and the screen was aglow,
where only a command line was moments ago.
It's true, it IS beryl, with windows that jiggle.
Look I see raindrops, the snow makes me giggle.

"Thank you" I said, to the cat who must be a dev.
Thanks and please, please call me Kev"

He was up in a flash and back to the door,
that cat who knew Linux hardly touched the floor.

"Remember," he said on his way out,
"the next time you sit at your PC in gloominess and doubt"

"Linux is more than an OS,
It can change your whole world,
only imagination limits it."

I watched that cat go
as my monitor gleamed and it glowed,
my PCLOS with Beryl endowed.

He was gone in a flash and nowhere to be seen,
but he left a wet spot on the floor, in front of my screen.