From The Chief Editor's Desk

Hello everyone! My name is Papawoob, and as Tim mentioned in this space last month, I am assuming the position of Chief Editor. Tim's leadership will be missed, but the show will go on.

We have several more interesting articles for your reading pleasure this month. We have another chapter in the ongoing KDE User Guide series, an explanation of that mysterious file, etc/fstab, and a brief history of PCLinuxOS by Texstar himself!

We are also in the process of moving from to I am inviting everyone to visit the new site and sign up at the forums. You can let us know what subjects you would like to see in the magazine, comment on things you have read, or just browse through the articles from the past year.

I would also like to welcome two new members to the staff. Sean Harrison and Vivek Srivastava. Sean will be assisting in the production of the PDF version of the mag, and some writing and proofreading. Vivek will also be writing and is responsible for the great progress going on at our new website.

Time to end this so that you can get on to reading all these great articles. Thanks to all our readers for your continuing support and I hope to see everyone at!


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