PCLinuxOS Magazine September 2007
Issue 13

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  1. History of PCLOSHere's how PCLOS came to be, as told by Tex
  2. Ubuntu's HypeA test of Four Distros
  3. Faster downloadsYou know you want it
  4. Beginner's Guide to LinuxSometimes we need a little help getting started
  5. A word to the new and frustratedIf you've tried Linux before and have become frustrated, this one will help
  6. How to make a list of installed packagesA great tip, check it out
  7. How to understand and edit etc/fstabPCLinuxOS sets up partitions correctly in most cases, but if it fails or you just want to change the default settings, exploring /etc/fstab is the first place to look
  8. Kopete to IRC howtoChatting about Kopete
  9. KDE User GuideThis is the 8th article in a series about using KDE
  10. I'm in your Leenux boxHaving a little fun at school