My personal review of PCLinuxOS 2007 edition

by Jose Cesaro

The system: AMD Athlon 3000+ Asus a8v MOBO, Nvidia GeForce FX 5200, Excelstor Drive and Liteon dvd-cdrom drives. I finally gave a shot to PCLinuxOS in April, downloaded the TR4 release, burned it, and then started it up. I have to tell that I instantly decided to install this great distro on my system, and it was easy and fast.

Lets start the review by telling why PCLinuxOS is different.

  1. PCLinuxOS comes with all the codecs and multimedia support you would need in your Linux distro, such as, Java, flash player 9 which is great, AVI, ogg, mpeg, mp3 codecs, also DVD and others.
  2. Great control panel, it recognized my Advantek USB WLAN Card, just needed the .inf files and GO!
  3. As a Mandriva based distro, it has awesome system management tools. If you are thinking on using AIGLX or XGL, this is your distro. Just install the drivers with Synaptic, then enable beryl-compiz and restart X.
  4. FAST! This distro is not bloated at all, it's awesome how it can run Bittorrent, Frostwire, Open Office, Synaptic, and Firefox so fast.
  5. Stable. Finally, I have one distro that will not fail booting or recognizing new hardware.
  6. Everything went fine, burning dvds with k3b, wifi networking, and Online games (Server, Client). On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 9.5.
  • Thumbs Up: multimedia support, system management tools, stable, and fast.
  • Thumbs Down: No decent ftp programs, only KFTPGrabber, which fails uploading files.

Bottom Line: If you want an All-In-One distro with excellent multimedia and hardware support, make this your choice.