Testimonial 1

by Windtalker

I installed PCLinuxOS yesterday. To include the download and burn, having to start the installer a second time, updating as the suggestion stated somewhere in the forum, tinkering with things to figure them out, installing a few "I can't live without "em" necessities, and configuring a few things such as the 3-D, all-in-all it took somewhere in the neighborhood of five hours. Not bad at all, considering the first and only time I installed Vista took two days. Xp Pro was usually an all day job because of service pack 2.

I'm pretty new to Linux myself. Been totally away from Windows going on two months now. I read somewhere there is close to 700 Linux distro's out there. I'm beginning to think I've tried them all. I do know I had a container that contained 100 cd's and I'm down to around 30 or so left.

There's a few minor bugs I've found here, but I must say, I haven't been this impressed with any other Distro. VectorSoho is the only thing I've found that compares to PCLinuxOS. This distro is as fast as SOHO on my system and has a lot more to offer, and just as simple to figure out without spending hours searching for the code for this or that. I haven't had to touch the terminal one time yet. I'm so disappointed!

I'm running a Dell Dimension 4600 with an Intel something or other card for the DSL connection, an Nvidia Geforce 6200 graphics card, the original Pentium 4 processor, 250 gig sata H/D, 1 1/2 gigs of ram and a generic KDS monitor. I also use an IOGEAR wireless mouse and keyboard as well as a Logitech trackball. There have only been two other distro's that picked up and auto configured my wireless mouse. PCLOS makes the third to pick it up. Granted I dunno what I'm looking at and reading yet, but on the boot it states it has loaded the 686 kernel. If this old pc is running a distro that is designed for a 686 processor and doing wonderfully, I just might hang onto it for a bit longer.

As I'm implying above, so far I think I've found my home.

I gotta do a bit of reading so I'll know where to post the few bugs I've found and find out how to set something so the mod doesn't have to move my post around. So in closing, I'll say this, PCLinuxOS, in my opinion is the distro that Dell needs to be putting on their systems. It's the BEST!


by Rich

I've tried over a dozen different Linux distro's and this one has a lot of the best features and it's getting better. I've got it installed on 2 desktops and 1 laptop. I also have it customized to my tastes with all of the software I can possibly install, (i.e., graphics, office, multimedia, sound, astronomy, photography) etc. etc. etc. I'm not new to Linux (been playing with it since Suse 6.2).

 I will never ever go back to Windows with it's restrictive licensing, restrictive terms of use, tons of viruses, blue screens of death, the multitude of infinite updates and security plugs, and 128 bit installation registration codes. etc. Also, add to this the infinite commercial software developers keep plugging for their 'new and improved' 'whiter than 'white' low suds software and their brainwashing tactics to get people to spend more and more of their hard earned cash for the 'newest' improved software.

The philosophy behind 'open source' Linux is the way software should be - 'free'. No gimmicks. No hands outstretched for money. No terms as to how to use and how many machines to install it on.

Keep up the good work.